Our winemaking style is founded on our vineyards and total control over the harvest, winemaking and fermentation in our Cellar. Mark believes that winemaking starts in the vineyard. Therefore, he strives to ensure that the soil is naturally fertile and the vines are vibrant and balanced to produce quality grapes.

Our wines are made from grapes grown on the Jenke Estate at Rowland Flat. Each year we select a portion of the best to age in oak for up to 18 months, creating body, finesse and depth of flavour.

Each wine we produce is crafted with care.

Time Honoured

While in French oak barrels, our Chardonnay undergoes Batonnage, a French-inspired technique of daily stirring the yeast lees that fall to the bottom of the barrel. This keeps the yeast cells in contact with the juice during fermentation, adding a delicate creaminess.

After fermentation in the barrel, our Sparkling Shiraz wine is bottled and further aged on lees to conduct secondary fermentation in the bottle called Methode Traditionnelle in Europe.

Secondary fermentation in the bottle is a labour of love as it is time consuming but adds complexity and depth of aromas and flavour as it creates its own bubbles.

It is worth waiting for!

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