Jenke Estate vineyards are situated along the banks of the North Para River at Rowland Flat in the Southern Barossa Valley. The small district of Rowland Flat contains a scattering of generational family farms, historical settler’s cottages, vineyards, grazing sheep and wineries to visit.

The climate is Mediterranean, with warm summers and cool, wet winters.

The fresh-flowing river provides a microclimate favourable to our vineyards, offering a natural cooling effect from the stream. The gentle hills surrounding the vineyards adds protection from hail and storms.

Rich and Fertile Soils

Our soils are rich and fertile, dark brown alluvial soils over clay or sandy loam on the hills. Each vineyard expresses its unique terroir, and each diverse site is used for many of our single-vineyard wines. We grow several red grape varieties: Shiraz, Cabernet Sauvignon, Mataro and Merlot. We also grow the traditional Barossa white varieties of Chardonnay and Semillon, which slowly ripen in the Barossa Valley’s climate.

Character and Style

Mark creates wines of character and distinct Barossa style, exclusively sourcing grapes from the family’s vineyards, most of which are classed as ‘old vine.’ In the vineyard, he is helped by his father, John, son Oscar and leading hand, Dean.

Our ancestors worked hard to settle the land and plant the vines. This generation respects and appreciates their Barossa heritage and is working hard to add to the family folklore.

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