Rebecca Jenke

While Rebecca spends her time in the background, her dedication is just as strong.

She oversees the operations, sales and accounts, steering the ship from her office in the original 1850’s cottage.

Rebecca studied in the areas of accounting and law, before working locally in Tanunda, which consolidated her knowledge and allowed her to gain invaluable experience.

Life then changed gears with the arrival of their two beautiful children, Oscar and Matilda.

The Future is Bright

What excites Rebecca about her and Mark stepping into their roles to lead Jenke Vineyards forward is how it is such a great fit.

As Rebecca explains, “It’s not unnatural for us at all to be at this place in time – I feel like it’s our destiny that we’re here. Our backgrounds have truly channelled us here.”

So, by merging their skillset (and learning plenty along the way!), Rebecca loves that it has become a truly family affair.

And one that in time they can pass on to their children to carry on.

As Rebecca will tell you, so many people are eager to come back to the cellar door.

And both Rebecca and Mark are wholeheartedly looking forward to welcoming them back – in the future after renovations are completed!

“We’ve been blessed to pick the brains of old friends here in the Barossa, many of whom head up big labels. It’s been so lovely to call on the Barossa to relaunch Jenke Vineyards and continue our family’s legacy.

Now it’s a case of watch this space.

We look forward to continuing the story of Jenke Vineyards.”

Mark & Rebecca Jenke
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